The EQUUS FOUNDATION is a national charity centered in the equestrian sport and the positive impact horses have to society. The charity has established itself as a highly-visible national charity. However, their image was not representing that image. The goal was to created a logo, using the existing artwork, that would modernize the image of the organization and create a logo that represents the sophistication of the charity.

Project: Logo Design
Client: EQUUS Foundation
Applications: Print, Digital
Software: Adobe CS5—Photoshop and Illustrator
To raise public awareness of the value of the horse in society. The Foundation awards grants to charitable organizations that promote the positive use of the horse for the benefit of the general public, improve the quality of life of horses, contribute to the welfare of the participants in the equestrian sport, and elevate the equestrian sport and profession as a whole.
     The Foundation was born from the passionate belief shared by millions of people of all ages that horses play an important role in society in the competitive sports arena and in our everyday lives. By bringing together individuals and organizations with charities focused on equestrian and horse-related issues and providing financial and volunteer support as well as guidance and insight on the management and fiscal practices of charities, The EQUUS Foundation is enhancing the ability of these charities to accomplish their missions and building a more sustainable environment for horses and for the people whose lives they are benefiting.
Final Logo Design
Final logo for black and white print application
Modified logo for Facebook page--profile image
Original Equus Foundation logo