A self care toolkit designed within the context of a vintage-style cafe. The juxtaposition of self reflection in a social environment calls for balance. As much as we value and crave human connection, it's equally as important to find time for ourselves. To sit alone: a table for one.

Every item aims to help build and maximise our potential through pacing, noticing and acknowledging. A morning ritual menu inspires us to break the myth that starting a routine needs to be arduous. Loyalty cards come with a twist: to create trust and honesty within yourself first. Daily and weekly notepads help make us reservations and leave reviews.

In order for a cafe to run smoothly, it requires a passionate chef (the spirit), a responsible manager (the mind), a diligent cashier (the body) and a friendly waitress (the heart). Without any one of these elements the longevity of a buzzing cafe will slowly disintegrate. It requires constant training and conscious effort to refuel. So just like running a cafe, we, humans need to reflect, recharge and readjust in order to stay resilient and healthy.

Sonda Cafe