A game night inspired bar brings the illusive perspective of heavy drinking to interpret different cognitive disorders. The theme for this collection is about people who overweigh their first order thinking and ignores the effects of second/third order consequences. This results in behaviours such as ‘quick fixes’ and ‘instant relief’ - a mental model called second-order thinking. Often our immediate desire and temptations are opposite to our second order consequences. It is rather simplistic and fast which makes it challenging to avoid. For example, eating fast food when you are hungry.

(1) ‘Drink First, Pay Later’ emphasises on this human desire for immediate relief. It plays with the different types of cognitive disorders by pairing it to a specific cocktail. (2) Postcards and stamps as gentle reminders to love yourself - each activity targets a certain type of distortive thought. Reflection doesn’t have to be boring or deep, it can be fun and inspiring! (3) After a wild night, the next day bill is often costly whether its your bank account or mental state. ‘I am Bill and ‘Bill of Rights’ serve as a reminder of who you are - a bill that you would want to receive. (4) A fun gathering doesn’t always have to be an unforgettable night. Coasters with reflective questions encourages us to get curious about the people around us.​​​​​​​
Sonda Bar