A letter to humanity, this is an interpretation of that which cannot be seen and the short film is an expression of our love for that which surrounds us all, Dark Matter.​​​​​​​
welcome to the process...
What is it about staring at the earth from this distance? That you cannot help but feel that something is closing in. We don’t know where it’s been, But we know that it’s all around us right now. And it moves like something we’ve never quite seen before,
It’s peaceful here on parts of this planet. With landscapes reaching far and wide. But something below just doesn’t seem right. There might just be a Devil inside.
It’s all around us, But no one ever sees it. We can feel it, but they cannot feel our touch, They might not look the way we look, Or feel the way we feel, But we know we have one mutual goal. To prevail in this quest for understanding, To thrive through knowledge yet unknown. ​​​​​​​
To worlds that we cannot yet dream of, And the places we’re yet to go.
Things can fall apart quite quickly, So it’s up to us to make it right again. Through care and understanding, Love will find it’s way. Show respect to those on their path, And treat each cell like it’s your own. As we are all just waves of energy, Passing through the same light.
Here are some process pixels from the film.
Here is the short film.
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Dark Matter
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