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Emotional illustrations for emotional manufacturer

AM.PM brings you the best from Europe: a perfect blend of Nordic and Italian design influences and German engineering.

The industry’s most dynamic brand with a unique philosophy and business model.
We all have dreams. Most of us aspire to a better lifestyle. Surrounded by beauty. By things that reflect our personality and taste. Things that prove — sometimes to others, but most importantly to ourselves — that we’ve made it.
We all have dreams. However more often than not those dreams come at a price. One that most people can’t afford.
At AM.PM we bring you extraordinary everyday places.
Effortless Service 
We аге young and dynamic, the industry's quickest in responding to market demands and introducing special products required Ьу our 828 customers. For our end customers we offer the highest level of customer support, always at their service and а pleasure to interact with. 

We have а unique арргоасh to design - we call it emotional design. From the moment your eyes take in our signature curves and your hands intuitively move over our smooth-action controls, you аге connecting emotionally with the АМ.РМ experience. This саn only bе achieved because our design process is relentless, allowing for multiple rounds of reftnement, similar to sectors with а longer development period (e.g. automotive). That is the origin of our iconic look and individual character. 
Our own quality control service consists of 12 technical experts in 4 countries. They define quality standards for components and end products, formulate selection criteria for manufacturing sites, create lists of required testing and machinery for the tests as well as hold tests for the products at each stage of their life cycle.
No product is featured in our catalogue without an approval from the QC service.
Thank you!
Emotional illustrations for emotional manufacturer

Emotional illustrations for emotional manufacturer

Emotional design — design competence, unmatched in the industry When it comes to the design process, our approach is far from conventional. Our v Read More