Our team was proud to partner with ‘Motion Plus Design’ festival for its 4th edition in Paris. On this occasion, we showcased a brand new film.

Rather than presenting yet another showreel based on client references, we preferred to manufacture an original film built around storytelling and personal artistic experiments.
We wrote a short video format cut out like a showreel in terms of rhythm and form, but composed of brand new shots, each one following a different artistic direction to illustrate the versatile visual approach of the agency. 

The idea was to create a more authentic format than the mere showreel, with a pinch of humor that characterizes us, but also to make fun of ourselves as well as of the assumptions and the clichés in our professional field.
Here are a few tests performed during the RnD phase.
At that time the wave was the symbol of the studio, we used it as a signature in all our presentations.
Today  it has become the logo itself. We found it funny to play with the interpretations that people usually 
make of it, for many it's a moustache while...seriously it looks more like a wave, right?

So we imagined all the possible misinterpretations that could be done about the shape. Why not see it it as a symbol of a maggot, a symbol of a nice turd, or even toothpaste? We could have continued indefinitely (snake, fish,...) but we figured that at some point the joke had gone on long enough.
Actually we just had a lot of fun and it also encouraged us to make this wave the most defining element of our identity.
We are not only creative, we are french too! This is our baseline. And why is that?
Well, just because we're french...and also creative! All is in the statement.
What is more interesting to explain is the TOO at the end.

France is a very cosmopolitan country with many origins.  And this is what we wanted to show with the dancing North African and Central African characters. In the same way we could have extended these sequences to
Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Vietnam and many others... 
We are proud of this mixing from which we draw a large part of our creativity.

So yes, France is good food, fashion, people grumbling all the time, chicken(we don't know why)... we like to play with all these clichés but France is also the meeting of different cultures that share the same identity and
it's a large part of what defines us.
What we love is storytelling.
To make beautiful for the sake of making beautiful is not our conception of animation.

Each film must be able to generate its own story, even if it's a bit disjointed, even if it's not visually trendy. 
Telling something is part of our "touch" or at least that's what we like to think. The emotion itself is a story.
It can be generated by the writing, by the rhythm, by the music or by the artistic direction and
we attach a lot of importance to it. 
We don't always succeed but we always try.
Agence : Studio River
Direction and script : Keyvan Nourian
Motion designer artists : Keyvan Nourian, Pierrick Selva, Elie Nourian, Alexandre Scariot, Mathilde Sauterel
Sound design and Music : Keyvan Nourian
Voice over : Scopitone
Live shooting : Ben Gonzalez
Comedians : Maurine Tric, Pierrick Selva, Ben Gonzalez, Keyvan Nourian

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