Great British Summer Picnic - YCN 13
Great British Summer Picnic Brief By The Benson Group
The brief involves creating a carton board picnic carry pack for two, The pack would be sold in high street supermarkets and would be part of the grab and go range extension for the food on the move section.
Points to consider:
Strong shelf presence
How the target user will interact with the construction and graphics of the pack
Is there a theme to the picnic?
Must have good usability and have the ability to be recycled or reused at the end of its life
The emblem creates a subtle hint of sophistication, the surrounding plants are all authentically British edible plants. Emblems give a slight royal feel which would link back to the royal family, I did not want to overdo the royal or sophisticated aspect as I wanted it to relate to a parent and their child.
Lunchbox Designs and Nets
There is a recipe on the side to make 'Raspberry Lemonade', this relates to the meal inside the 'Foragers Lunchbox'.
Blueberry Muffin recipe on the side of the box, which also relates to the meal inside.
Hanging tag
This is a small hanging tag that will hang from the 'Foragers Basket', the logo placed on the front and a small tip to encourage you to reuse the box for an earth friendly purpose on the back.
Seed Packet
Seed Packet to allow the customer to grow their own edible British plant.
Foragers Lunchboxes
Instructions demonstrating how to reuse the box the create a plant pot that is earth friendly.
Foragers Basket
The 'Foragers Basket' that will carry two 'Foragers Lunchboxes'.
Hanging Tag and Seed Packet
How the Foragers Picnic Pack Will Be Presented
My main goal was to make this package reusable, recyclable and have a purpose.
After researching into meals for two, I found that there is not much flexibility into meal selections and people find this a problem which will often stop them buying the meals for two altogether. 
Therefore I wanted to create a mix and match feature that allows the customer to choose their ideal picnic, I accommodated this by creating two small boxes named the ‘Foragers Lunchbox’ these will be placed inside the larger package called the 'Foragers Basket'. The customer would select any two ‘Foragers Lunchbox’ and then place them inside the 'Foragers Basket' ready to purchase at the tills.
I wanted to make this picnic authentically British but not in the conventional way. Britain has a large variety of natural plants that are edible such as blueberries, raspberries, black currents, ash leaves, nasturtium flowers etc.. this influenced my theme greatly.
The design and theme of the picnic is aimed towards a parent and their child, the edible british plants information that came to light during my research led me to basing my theme on foraging and bringing children back to nature through bonding with their parent. The design of the package had to appeal to the child and parent, so striking a balance was key.
Children enjoy engaging in new activities therefore the package had to encourage a fun bonding experience yet still have a practical nature to suit the parent, to create an interaction between the parent, child and package I added a small recipe on the side of each ‘Foragers Lunchbox’. Each recipe relates to the meal inside the pack, this is to encourage people to go out and pick their own ingredients such as blueberries to create something tasty like a blueberry muffin. 
To show the parent how the ‘Foragers Lunchbox’ can be reused, I have placed a set of instructions along with images demonstrating how the boxes can be turned into plant pots. Cardboard is compostable and will also add vitamins and nutrition to the soil, recycling its self. This reusable aspect should teach the child about interacting with nature and growing plants whilst bonding with their parent. 
There is also a free seed packet inside the ‘Foragers Basket’, once planted the seeds will bloom into an edible flower such as nasturtium flowers to carry on the reusable cycle.
The twine to secure each 'Foragers Lunchbox' is related to gardening and which links to foraging, it also adds a rustic feature to the clean print of the graphics on each package.
Great British Summer Picnic - YCN 13

Great British Summer Picnic - YCN 13

YCN competition 2013 - Benson Group. The aim of the brief was to create a 'Great British Summer Picnic' that would hold two take away meals. We w Read More

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