RISE – Coffee Music Sessions
Music morning sessions for rising together
RISE is a personal project that explores the idea of our awakening rituals. A new type of cultural event that takes shape in morning micro-sessions located in small coffee shops in our cities and that seeks to celebrate the blend between coffee and music as activating elements to face the day.

Original Idea: azul recreo
Film Direction: Nacho Velasco
Music and Sound Design: Panos Pagonis
Art Direction: Nacho Velasco, Mateo Buitrago, Elisa Piquer
Animation & 3D: Nacho Velasco
Graphic & Title Design: Mateo Buitrago, Elisa Piquer
BTS Edit: Nacho Velasco
BTS Music: Come 2gether – Ooyy
Year: 2021

RISE – Coffee Music Sessions
Multiple Owners
azul recreo