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Clay filters are a very traditional item in Brazilian homes. It's an iconic household item that brings me warm memories whenever I spot one, and especially if I drink from it. The clay of which these filters are made gives the water a unique taste, and it keeps the water cold even during those humid Brazilian summers.

For years I've wanted to design a clay filter. At the beginning of the project, I intended to respect the heritage, avoiding an approach to simply "modernize" the filter. I wanted to create a unique form factor that takes advantage of the materials and manufacturing process while introducing new functional features, such as a handle to assist in lifting the upper reservoir and a base to support a drinking glass (preferably a "copo lagoinha").

According to research published in the book The Drinking Water Book: How to Eliminate Harmful Toxins from Your Water, "the traditional clay filter of Brazilians is probably the best water purification system in the world."
The efficient filtration is a result of the gravity process, where water passes through the candles and drips slowly into the lower reservoir.

I'm fascinated with the properties and the looks of the terracotta, so it was only natural to explore other products to form a small portfolio.

I wanted to create a multi-sensorial experience fostered by the terracotta. Sight - from the color, the textures, and the gradient caused by water absorption. Hearing - from the sounds of the water drops inside the filter and the nice vitrified sound of the material. Touch - from the grooves and textures created during the mostly handmade process. Smell - from the earthy aroma of wet terracotta. Taste - from the unique water flavor.
The cooling property of the ceramic inspired me to design a humidifier. This is a much-needed item in my hometown of Belo Horizonte, where the air can get very dry throughout the year.
All components are placed in the lid, which also contains a level indicator to assist the user with keeping the humidifier filled 

A planter is a natural application for the material. I decided to make a two-compartment model to take advantage of capillarity and the nice smell that comes from the wet ceramic.
A pendant lamp was created to complete the product line with a simple shape that enhances the appearance of the material once again. The inner part of the pendant is covered with a white glaze to increase light reflection.
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