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    Homework from digital illustration class at The Art Institute of Seattle. Fall 2013.
Assignment: Take 10 things from handbag, make masks and use photo of self taken in class to create a poster. Non destructive editing a must.
Notes: First time making a mask - ever. These files can get extremely large and tax your computer.
Tips: If doing a project like this yourself make sure to label files, store files where they can be found easily and use smart object. And tears of frustration are okay. Just don't give up! Overall, this was a very fun first project!
Assignment: Glamourize picture using non-destructive editing (Camera Raw). Must include a background.
Notes: This project is crazy fun! Making teeth extra white and lashes extra thick was extremely rewarding and very easy after multiple attemps to figure out pins in camera raw, which required me doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over. You get the picture. Now I'm pretty much a pro at this. Worth the effort it took to understand the program.
Assignment: Using camera raw,use as many different effects as possible and create an Andy Warhol collage with portrait of self. Non destructive editing a must.
Notes: Smart objects and organizing files proved to be very important in this project, but once I got the hang of it, it was really fun! A great opportunity to play around and try new things.
Assignment: Mash Up two pics - one of an automobile and one of a background. Make the automobile look like it belongs in the background.
Notes: Shadows and angles are important in this project. Lighting is also something to keep in mind. The toughes part of this project was making the tires sit on the ground and look like they were supposed to be there. As well as creating some type of dimension in the overall look and feel of the final image.
Assignment: Use photgraphy to create a monster in a background.
Notes: Angles, lighting, overall concept and proportion were key. The concept was to create a monster coming over the shop, with a very centered overall look and feel. The masking was a bit of a mind twister with layers, etc. but I managed. Once I got the hang of it, it was fun and a great way to get more familiar with photography as well as photoshop and camera raw.
Assignment: Take a picture and use the mixer brush tool in photoshop to paint.
Notes: My overall concept was to paint the center so it looked real, like an actual photo, and then to use brush strokes in a more "painterly" style to look more and more like art as it went out to the edges. This was my favorite project so far.
Assignment: Mash up Paleolithic Art with Renaissance Art
Notes: My concept was to create a very emotional piece of art that was painted with long strokes and integrated images from the artwork in the caves of France. The person is thinking of their ancestors as she holds the ancient artwork. The total scene is very centered and grounded with a nature scene in the back to convey depth and add perspective, which is characteristic of Renaissance Art. Paleolithic art was "floating" and I wanted to keep those images floating, and yet grounded within the overall art.