Musikens Hus
Rebranding 2021 

In Gothenburg, Sweden – in the middle of the cultural hotspot called Majorna – you’ll find Musikens Hus. Musikens Hus is an independent centre for music and culture operating outside the municipal-run organisations. Their aim is to create a platform for an active and developing music culture in Gothenburg. Musikens Hus is an important resource for free life in Gothenburg. The concert, theatre and music programmes reach out to a broad spectrum of visitors. The live stage is an established venue with sound suitable for a wide range of genres – hard rock, pop, afro, latin and more. 

For our graduation project from Brobygrafiska in Sunne, we decided to rebrand Musikens Hus and give the centre a more powerful and uniform graphic identity. Our goal was to convey the warmth and values of Musikens Hus in a youthful way and through that attract a dedicated and progressive visitor whom will visit Musikens Hus no matter the event.

Here is our result. 

Our main way to market Musikens Hus is through posters. We worked with two different grids where one is for events like concerts and gigs, and the other for lectures and courses. The events can also be differentiated through our use of colors. Our primary colors, green and yellow, is meant to symbolize the sun and nature, thus to mediate the values and personality of Musikens Hus. ​​​​​​​

Musikens Hus markets themselves as a "green culture house" that cares about the environment. Therefor we decided to print our posters on newspaper. The material is a sustainable alternative and also highlights the raw and punk feeling that we were going for in our redesign.

An important part of Musikens Hus communication is the program sheet that shows what happens every month. We designed two different ones, one that works like a poster and one that sits in our folder that you can easily tear out and take with you in your pocket. 

Our folder works as a more informative program sheet where you can read more about each event that takes place every month.

Musikens Hus website is a central part of their brand. This is is where you can see everything that happens and also book everything from dance courses to rock concerts. Therefore, it was important that the start page would provide a clear overview of the upcoming events and courses. The page is built around the calendar, which meant that it needed to be easily accessible and clear.

Thank you!
Musikens Hus
Multiple Owners
Ida Hallman