Aurora VIII: Black & White

Black and White, a concept as ancient and primal as the universe itself. Primarily associated with Light and Darkness, and a symbolic representation of our perception of dualism and the opposite nature of all things in the cosmos. 'Up and down', 'hot and cold', 'positive and negative', 'true and false', and so the list goes on and on. It can also be associated with the concept of Good and Evil, and of Life and Death depending on one's cultural perspective.

As we explore this idea in our current release, a canvas composed purely of either black or white, is nothing more than a blank void bereft of any tangible meaning. It is only when both aspects begin to dance in shades of gray and of varying contrasts, can meaningful imagery be discerned and appreciated. Just like the Yin and Yang diagram, both aspects of the black and white are complementary, interconnected and interdependent of each other, thus achieving balance and harmony as with all things in life and the cosmos.

Let us then see past the dichotomy, and appreciate the intermingling of shades between light and dark that resulted in the creation of these beautiful artworks.

Dark Matter by James Knowles
Dark Matter by Maxime Des Touches
Electrified by Omar Elhawaty
Falling By Gene Von Edler
Day Dreaming By Christian Hecker
Luna Hub by Alastair Temple
Monoscape I by Julian Faylona
Monoscape II by Julian Faylona
Monoscape III by Julian Faylona
Monoscape IV by Julian Faylona
Moon Labyrinth by Daniel Tatarinow
The King of the Mountain by Daniel Tatarinow
Fallen Down by Chromfell
Discovery by Alastair Temple
Singularity by Alastair Temple and Jonathan Maurin
Pale Bloom by Alastair Temple
Singularity by James Knowles
Creator by Erik Schumacher
ShiroKuro by Maxime Des Touches
Transformation by Daniel Tatarinow
Riven by Ahmed Mostafa
Departures by Christian Hecker
Flyby by Carl Holden
Kivuli by Rhayven Jones
Like This by Edgars Romanovskis
Innerspeaker by Brandon Kocher
Parasite by Erik Schumacher
Prophecy of the Black Suns by Jonathan Maurin
Reaper by Kevin Philippe
Tourettes-sur-Loup by James Knowles
Traditions by Anwar Mostafa
Marlow by James Knowles
The Social Media Madness by Sara Lucarini
Victorioso by Josue Iniguez
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Aurora VIII: Black & White