Interactive Greetings Card – The Mags Agency
The aim of this interactive greeting card was to surprise our friends and clients - meanwhile to visually remind them about our unconventional approach and devoted attitude to work – the eternal quest for the fine balance between idea, design and technology – intertwined in one.

What differs this particular card from others are the efforts and attention it takes for it to be unveiled. Much similar to how we perceive real client-agency work. It was crystal clear beforehand that a few would have the patience and the concentration to successfully complete the fairly easy task. Clients’ reactions justified our efforts. Totally.
In accordance with their own gender, recipients got a card with either male or female image, subtly placed in a beautiful envelope. When the QR code was scanned, a personalised video enlivened the initially static greeting cards.
Idea: Dimiter Petrov, Elena Tsakmanova; Art Direction & Design: Dimiter Petrov; Voices: Maria Gabova, Mathias Fagerström; Photography: Dimiter Petrov; Agency: The Mags
Dimiter Petrov
Design Direction