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This project has unfortunately ceased to exist due to several reasons. A re-release is planned in the future.

Inspired-Inspirers is a place for inspiring people to show the world who inspires them.

This project aims to showing that all of those who continue to pushboundaries and amaze us all in many ways are the same as us. They areinspiring as well as inspired, teachers as well as learners.

The websites idea is simple. Once every two weeks a brand new issue isreleased showcasing 4 inspirers from all sorts of places anddisciplines. At the same time, each of these 4 featured guests show us4 individuals that have inspired or continue to inspire them to keepmoving forward and improving.

We are always looking for new people to amaze and inspire the world, soif you think you yourself, or another person you know has what it takesto inspire the world, youre more than welcome to let us know by sending an email to submissions@inspired-inspirers.com.

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