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    This was a pitch I did for a new online magazine platform for active young women. Adidas didn't go with this direction in the end.
Online Magazine for girls.
The platform was thought to present fresh content everytime you access it. It updates its content based on location, time, user behavior and friends' behaviors.
You could curate content based on feeling, location and time of the day.
Tablet friendly. User friendly.
Has you would expect any digital magazine, the platform behaves at its best on a tablet. The 2-dimensional navigation system allows you to dig deeper into curated content (left-right) while keeping the possibility to read any article you come accoss (up-down) without breaking the natural flow of reading a magazine.
An active lifestyle
social network.
Make new friends, organize events in your area, become a role-model.
Different mood. Different cover page.
The homepage is influenced by numerous variables, giving the user access to fresh adidas or user-generated content everytime the magazine loads up.