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I've collected a few posters that I've put up here before with some new stuff. The idea here was to take the bland, toothless imagery of motivational posters and kick it in the face. Motivational posters are weird things for a lot of reasons, but the imagery is so generic. That generic quality always really bugged me. I get why they would have to be, but I don't like it, and that's why I wanted to make these.
At most the standard motivational poster image says "Teamwork is when work is done by a team. These guys rowing this boat are more than one person which makes them a team, and they're doing a work together. Seems like a good thing to me."  Maybe. But also maybe those guys are jerks rowing somewhere to be evil together. Or maybe that guy in the back is only pretending to row. In any case, there's nothing in that image to suggest a story or make me care about what's happening. Who are they? Where are they coming from, and where are they going? At the very least, how does teamwork effect them? 
If I sat looking at that poster forever I would never think about what teamwork can mean, broadly or in the context of the image. These posters strive to engage their themes more wholly, and with narrative purpose.
All of these were made 18x24 with ink and pencil, colored (mostly) digitally.