Via la Paura

In a post-pandemic scenario, Via la Paura is a temporary scalable urban installation designed to encourage people to enjoy the public spaces again. The goal is to activate a process of overcoming the fear of interaction and bans, all in a modular system that brings nature to the city streets as an urban acupuncture creating a small ecosystem for sociality.
The installation is formed by four replicable wooden modules, all linked by iconic graphic elements which are mentally connected to the symbolic value of the bans that characterized the (un)usability of public spaces during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Two most frequent signs were identified: the cross and the striped ribbons. These elements were redesigned not to be identified as bans no more, but as playful elements to interact with and gradually overcoming the fear and the frustration caused by the original bans.​​​​​​​
The modules are designed in an eco-social perspective, favoring the growth of vegetal biodiversity and creating a stronger coexistence between people and plants.
Also, the plants work as dividing elements on the benches, favoring the basic distancing between the users.​​​​​​​ It's all about a game where originally dividing signs become urban graphic design elements while nature allows to keep the basic still necessary distancing in a pleasant and natural way.
Via la Paura