Samsung 'Galaxy 11'
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Working with Psyop, I developed concepts of environments, props and vehicles for two stages of this innovative scifi advertising campaign. Art directed by Laurent Ledru.
1. The Training
This part included set designs (initially from scratch, later based on partial sets built in a studio), primarily for the main 'hall' and for several different training locations. Additionally, I worked on props and mechanical elements, like soccer balls, consoles and sparring robots.
1. Main hall - initial concept
2. Main hall - final set deign
3. Entering training sequence
4. Training sequence idea
5. Roof design for Training 1 based on the set built in Leavesden Studios
6. Columns design for Training 2 environment
7. Training soccer balls concepts A
8. Training soccer balls concepts B
9. Data collection - one of numerous 3D sketches
2. The Match
This part included prepping players for take off, various explorations of the launch site and the way it assembles itself. I also conceptualized the shuttle's exterior and interior.
1. Launch site concept A
2. Launch site concept B
5. Site before reveal - originally the site was supposed to be hidden beneath the surface
6. Overall view
7. Shuttle preparation (initial scale)
8. Shuttle preparation / boarding (final scale)
9. Launch concept A
10. Launch concept B
11. Shuttle design (based on sketch by O. Cafaro)
12. Shuttle interior - stage A
13. Shuttle interior - stage B
3. Alien mothership and penthouse
Additionally, I did some concepts for the alien pyramid and their 'penthouse' from which they observe the incoming shuttle.
1. Pyramid surface / penthouse exterior
2. Penthouse interior
Here are both final clips:
Samsung 'Galaxy 11'

Samsung 'Galaxy 11'

Some of the concepts created for Samsung's 'Galaxy 11' campaign.

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