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    Some sketch work of my pets, using pencil and paper. I wanted to get away from the computer and work on something manually.
My Dogs
Sketch project because I miss them...
A few sketches I recently did of my pets using pencils of various hardness from 5h to 2b.
I don't do a lot of pencil work anymore and felt the need to work out a few under-used skills. Each of the dogs was a wonderful companion and close partner to me. I cherish the time I had with them.
I wish I could truly do them justice with my hands, but they live on forever in my heart.
I hope you like them too.
This is Beulah the Chihuahua - she was my first and oldest of my pets. Mother to Booty and Minnie Pearl. She had cataract surgery so her eyes were always a bit off, and her tongue would stick out all the time.
This is Booty the Chihuahua. He was quite a personality - named Sheik your Booty because he was born with a slight bow-legged walk that made him look like he was dancing.
This is Gypsy the Pit-Bull. She was found as an abused puppy and took to my clan quickly. Full of energy and happy around people - she had been trained for fighting and wore the scars across her face.
This is Lady - the Pit mix. She was my personal partner in everything. Incredibly smart and energetic.. I knew her like a person. she was the dominant dog and led the others. We had 8 great years together.
This is Minnie Pearl, Booty's sister and the only dog I didn't actually own. She was a handful... friendly, loud and fun to be around.
This is Pepper - the bird-dog. She loved to chase anything that moved in the yard and barked at everything. She didn't like other dogs, but was comfortable with Lady. I found her on the Fourth of July back in 2005... when she came up to me and just sat at my feet... malnourished and looking for attention. She was the most gentle of all my dogs. She passed in my arms back in January.