Inflate product
furniture design

Through inflatable rapid molding, the three-dimensional fiber in the middle keeps the surface flat and has a stable supporting force, which improves the problem that inflatable products are easy to sag when sitting. The bending and shaking of the fiber thread can be seen on the transparent side as the force position and weight change during use. Seat surface material selection of smooth light skin waterproof cloth, easy to clean, and not easy to deform.

1. Inflatable forming:  it can be rapidly formed and has smooth and comfortable sitting surface and stable supporting force.
2. Quick assembly: it is designed to be fixed by soft structure rather than hardware. After inflating, it can fine-tune the tightness of the seat and cushion,
3. Flat storage: it can be folded after deflating, and fixed with quick buckles, easy to carry and ready to use.
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# Light 
# Fast 
# Changeable

Taking flat packaging as the concept of storage, the design of soft structure can be folded in the whole group after deflating, and fast to tightening with the bottom pad, the whole light and convenient to carry, in the manufacturing end can greatly reduce the cost of transportation, home storage can also effectively use the space.

Making process

2021 金點新秀設計獎 - 產學合作設計類 - 入圍
2021 Young Pin Design Award - Academic and Industry Cooperation Design - Finalist
Designed By Wu, Chih Hsuan& Lo, Yin Yin
Special Thanks, Taiwan Textile Research Institute, Hush Shih