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    A photographic display of a few autumn scenes from western Wyoming.
Ships of Stone
Temple of the Gods
Too Proud to Bow
On the Fringe of Winter
Tapestry of Gold
Evening Surprise
Traveling through western Wyoming at the end of September, 2013, I was checking the region out for autumn color.  I found a little bit, as these photographs reveal.  A week later, I traveled through Wyoming again and could see that the trees were at their peak for fall color,......but, alas.....the U.S. government had all the parks closed down and I could not take advantage of Nature's gift......I could not travel through the Teton or Yellowstone national parks during the peak of autumn.....which had been my plan for over a year to do.  I was detoured through Idaho.  The last two photographs are the result of the detour.....the back side of the Tetons at sunset.        "Making lemonade from sour lemons.  :)"  
Thank you for viewing my work.