Sprout is a non-profit organization that encourages financial stability and independence through savings and crowdsourcing programs on the web. Individuals who have a financial goal (such as starting a business, paying for education, etc) are eligible to be part of the program. 
Sprout’s mission is to encourage entrepreneurship, community development, small businesses and education endeavors. It aims to empower individuals to reach financial stability by offering them the tools they need to succeed. Sprout provides teaching, tools, and an online community where members can learn from others and celebrate accomplishments. 
Sprout's homepage features a case study of a successful member as well as others
saving up to reach their goal.
Members join and set up a savings account. They establish their goal and timeline by setting up their public profile. Every month, a percentage of their income is deposited into the savings account, which members can keep track of on the Sprout website. 
Donors can find member profiles online and can choose to donate to their cause, helping them reach their goal faster. Donors can search by goal type, category, location and status.
Donors may also donate directly to Sprout, as any other non-profit organization.
Members are also required to enroll in online courses to develop good financial habits. The courses include information about credit scores, debt, how to manage money, etc.