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Chiropractic in Scottsdale 
Chiropractic is a chiropractic method dating back to 1895 in the US by Daniel David Palmer. Up to now, after 120 years of development, Chiropractic has become popular and recognized in 65 countries with more than 70,000 Chiropractic centers - As the first considered method of medical solutions (with drugs) to Most effective treatment of muscles, bones, joints & spine.
Chiropractic is a treatment where doctors will use manual techniques or specialized tools and machines to correct deviations of the skeletal system and nervous system, restore function and stimulate. the body's ability to heal itself. This is the treatment that is given first before medical solutions (with drugs) to treat problems of the spine, skeletal muscles most effectively. Chiropractic helps patients maintain optimal health while avoiding the need for unnecessary medication or surgery.
Chiropractic doctors use their hands to exert an appropriate and fast force for the purpose of treating and improving aberrations related to the spine, pelvis, nervous system and bones and joints of the patient, including:
Chiropractic - use of hands to apply force to muscles, bones, joints, and spine.
Using short and rapid pushes, gradually move the patient's joints into place.
Use pulling or stretching the muscles in different directions to release the pressure. 

Functional Wellness Center Scottsdale provides corrective chiropractic, spinal decompression, Back and Neck Pain, Headache, Migraines, Scoliosis. Postural Deformitie, Shoulder Pain Fatigue, Trouble Sleeping, Low Metabolism, Allergies, High Blood Pressure, Acid Reflux / GERD, Asthma, Plantar Fasciitis, Frozen Shoulder, Disc Herniation.
Web Adderss 7555 E Osborn Rd Ste 102 Scottsdale, AZ 85251, Phone (480) 874-3000, About Us | Dr. Andrew Kellogg, Dr. Sarah Little and The Team:
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Functional Wellness Center in Scottsdale

Functional Wellness Center in Scottsdale


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