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    Flat porcelain vase for single flower head.
Belly button
flat porcelain vase
Belly button ( or black hole as working titel) is a flat vase for a single flower head. Especially designed as decoration for dining table where there shall be no distruction in ithe nteraction between a group of people sharing a meal. 
As I pass by a few fancy restaurants on my way to my studio I always look at their tables and decorations. 
Beside the salt and pepper shakers there is always flower on the table as a permanent decoration.
I often find the choice of display quite unfortunate actually. I see the couples trying to have a conversation with a tall flower sticking in their faces between, even see the accidents that tha vases causes... 
Gerbera is one of my mother's favourite flower. It is a tall flower with basicly no leafs. It can look quite silly by itself and needs a metal wire to keep it standing. Apparently it is also one of the most tricky flowers when it comes to transportation. Flowerists are throwing many gerberas away because their stem broke during transport. Some are saving their heads and sell it cheaper as flat decoration, but the sort of flat vase is not very common on the market. So many restaurants buy them and just put it in a plate of water.
Which is why I thougth I would make a vase for this purpose. Here it is, a flat vase with a belly button.
Work in progress: