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    Griffin Theatre Company Season 2012
Griffin Theatre Company Season 2012
Griffin Theatre Company is one of the most unique theatres in the Australian arts scene. The rawness of the performances, the constant drive to innovate the theatre experience, and the intimacy of its small diamond-shaped stage – an unparalleled space that creates the emotional impact that only comes from sitting so close to the actors themselves.
So much so that we likened it to being thrown into the deep end. The new branding with its vertical logo became the logical representation for the depth of the experience, and descending letterforms underpinned a visual language that relies on typography and wordplay. The mood changes through different combinations of words, colour and imagery – from one production to another, one touchpoint to the next – but the backbeat is distinctively Griffin.
For the 2012 season we partenered with photographer Katie Kaars to bring it to life.
Original concept & branding: Interbrand Sydney
Creative Director: Chris Maclean
Design Director: Andrew Droog
Art Direction: Andrew Droog & Joao Peres
Designers: Andrew DroogDiana Chirilas & Joao Peres
Motion: Joao Peres & Annah Brocklebank