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    This is a small sample of my drawings, all based off of still lives, live models or perspective drawings.
These drawings (and one painting) are just a few from over the years.  Most of them were done as life drawing studies.  Although I haven't had much time for it as of late, I love to draw.  I would love to experiment with it, possibly incorporating my love of realism with my desire to be a more creative with it.
  Stairs Perspective Study.  24" x 18"  Ink & Marker on Vellum.
    Rope Study.18" x 24" Pencil
  Fortune Cookie. 10" x 8"  Oil on Canvas
  Top Shelf Perspective Study.  24" x 18" Ink & Marker on Vellum
Glass Study.  12" x 18" Pencil
Figure Drawing.  18" x 24" Charcoal
Envelope Line Weight & Shading Study. 10" x 8" Pencil