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Restaurant Website Redesign Case Study
Project Overview
This was a project to redesign the website of a local restaurant. This redesign’s purpose was to update the look of the website, as well as increase the readability and navigation for the restaurant’s customers. Customers are now able to order takeout items through the website. 
Customers will have a better experience on the website and will be more likely to recommend it to others. It allows the restaurant to be more competitive with larger chain restaurants that have a good online platform.
The restaurant will be much easier to order from and will allow more people to support the restaurant during the COVID-19 pandemic. Making the website more accessible and visually appealing will also improve business by allowing the company to have a more professional online presence.
UX/ UI Design
Lo-fi Wireframing
The Objective
The goal with this project was to provide customers with the ability to enjoy their food in a way that is convenient and safe for them. Making the experience of ordering food from the website easy will accomplish this goal. Even if the customer is not able to physically go into the store, they are still able to support the business through a newer website.
Standing out during unprecedented times
The pandemic has made it more difficult for small businesses such as the Brick Alley Bistro to reach out to customers and maintain their sales. The restaurant made efforts to reduce the risk to customers by adhering to the COVID-19 rules in their building, but did not have a strong online presence or the ability to take orders from customers through their website.
Larger chain restaurants already had better online ordering services prior to the pandemic which allows customers to order food online easily. Because of this advantage, people have been more likely to support larger restaurant chains during this time. The Brick Alley Bistro needed a better website in order to compete with these restaurants.
Website Plan and Strategy
Expand on the restaurant’s current branding by utilizing
Elements such as warm, dark colours and brick imagery 
to subtly enhance the design of the website. Overall, 
improve the site’s user experience by making the pages
more organized and readable, and also improving 
convenience to customers by allowing them to order 
takeout items through the website.
Online ordering
Menu (not just pdfs)
Simplified logo
COVID-19 info
Ability to make reservations
Photo gallery
Location and hours

Target Audience
People who are aware of the pandemic and want to keep themselves and others safe
People who like supporting local businesses
People who would rather order food online than by phone
People who have never been to the restaurant before and check the website before going

Restaurant Website Redesign Case Study

Restaurant Website Redesign Case Study