Corporate Identity Renewal

Dec – April 2021

Cleanlab has grown as the best and symbolic brand dominating the Korean food packaging market; it has been known as “Korean wrap” and “Korean sanitary gloves,” having been part of people’s lives over the past 30 years.
Cleanlab, however, was known only for its products such as “Clean Wrap,” “Clean Bag,” and “Clean Gloves.” It allowed consumers to be more familiar with the brand’s products than the brand itself and the brand to be lacking a clear brand identity.
Therefore, Cleanlab chose to establish a new identity as a general living goods brand—instead of simply being known for several good packaging products—by diversifying its business through new businesses and M&A.
In this project with Cleanlab, we sought to define the brand’s core value and business to establish the unique brand identity of Cleanlab, the Korean general living goods brand. We also aimed at securing the brand’s market leadership through consistent brand experience and consolidated brand operation strategy with the business diversification.


BX Director \ Tyodi Hyojin Lee 
BX Team Leader \ June Bohyun Kook
BX Team Leader \  Sungeun Lee
BX Strategy \ Sunyong Kim
BX Designer \ Yoonseong Lee, Sunghwan Im, Kwangmyung Lim, Soyeon Lee
PX Photographer \ Keunhee Cha


Assistant Manager \ Boyoung Park
Assistant Manager \ Sunhee Choi

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Project Approach (A)

We newly established Cleanlab’s mid- and long-term vision with the futuristic values through changing the brand’s name as we aimed for the brand to be known as a life-improving laboratory which exists in customers’ overall life, not as a brand restricted to food packaging goods.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Project Approach (B)

To deliver the oriented values of the life-improving laboratory around customers, we identified the essence of its business. Cleanlab is providing the customer value from the perspective of ESG management which improves customers’ convenience in daily life, and it also endeavors to allow customers to live a more abundant life and a more balanced, better, and beautiful life.

Brand Slogan

We needed a message that effectively communicates the oriented value of life-improving laboratory which creates the sustainability of abundant life. So, we developed the brand slogan “Caring for Life,” which means “Cleanlab takes care of you to help improve your life always by your side.”

Brand Architecture

Cleanlab’s new brand operating strategy is not to simply produce a variety of goods but to expand its brand identity and accordingly diversifying its production categories and business.
The powerful strategy also aims to share and practice the brand’s unique, consistent values and experiences under the clear vision “The specialized brand in general living goods.”

General living goods brand, Cleanlab
Brand experience design

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