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    Stop motion and character design workshop inspired be Ray Harryhausen's work.
This workshop was part of the MOTELx 2013 Festival and was split in two parts, character design and stop motion animation. This was also a homage to Ray Harryhausen.
Workshop Conductors:
Bruno Caetano e João Faria
Animation and Script:
Ana Coelho
André Cardoso
António Costa
Carlos Gonçalves
Carlota Borba
Diana Bernardo
Gustavo Martins
Hugo Santos
Inês Aleixo Leiria
João Pinto
Manuel Moreira
Miguel Soares
Nelson Cruz
Pedro Pinheiro
Raquel Vaz
Editing and composition:
Jerónimo Rocha
Voice over:
Pedro Maria
Music and Effects:
Buggin Media
Stop Motion Portugal
Salon Alpin
Take it Easy
Buggin Media
This Workshop took place at Hotel Flórida in Lisboa.