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    An album package for a zombie band that moans, "mmm, brains".
The Wakening Album Package
orror enthusiasts and rock / surf / rockabiliy / punk music fans.

Coordinating a professionally printed piece (disc/booklet) mixed with a grassroots feel (assembly, various stickers) was challenging. Many thanks to friends who lent their hands to assemble.

The effort was worth it. At the album release party, almost half the run was sold. The packaging attracted many fans to the bands merch table. One album was even stolen! But, the band let it go, if the person wanted it that bad, they could have it. 
The use of various stickers makes every package design unique.
The package consists of the following: a brain image printing on the disc, a styrofoam case image printing on a thick stock, plastic wrap (bought from a local grocery store), various stickers to create the feeling of a grocery meat product, and a secret booklet hidden on the backside.
The hidden booklet  contains a visual representation of each song. The track list is printed on the inside front and back covers with black ink on a black stock.