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Folie Q8 Bakery Branding

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1. Brand Name + Claim
Folie.Q8 ( its French name it’s mean craziness) the Q8 is for Kuwait.
9. Service / flagship product of the company.
Baking and handmade crafts.

My name is Mariam
I am from Iraq but I live in Kuwait. I am 29 years old, I chose this name because I feel that it expresses me and the way I think, I am a creative person I studied Interior Designer l love colors I like to think out of the box all the time I believe that we don’t need to stick to the rules when we want to create something, in fact, we should have our rules, 
I have 7 cats.
My two other favorite animals is elephant and owl,

10. Most prominent attribute of the company.
Being creative in so many ways and to have a very good quality of service and what
do we present to people.

Thanks for watch
            شكرا للمشاهده

Folie Q8 Bakery Branding


Folie Q8 Bakery Branding