Skippy Smoothly Satisfying
Skippy Wonderland

What's more satisfying than having the USA favorite peanut butter across your screen? 
In this project we setup to achieve a series of satisfying loops for the traditional brand Skippy. Mixing a technique of photogrammetry with PBR materials to deliver this eye catching piece.
Collection of Loops made for Skippy.

Direction: Daniel Barros
Animation: Vinicius Lavor, Lamek Felix, Daniel Barros
Lookdev: Mau Borba, Leandro Beltran, Bihhel Barbosa, Vinicius Lavor, Daniel Barros, Lamek Felix
Modeling: Leandro Beltran, Vinicius Lavor, Bihhel Barbosa, Rodrigo Lescano
Compositing: Daniel Barros
Simulation: Sacha Carletti, Álvaro Moreira, Rodrigo Lescano
Audio: João Victor

Comissioned by BBDO Mineapolis

Producer: Peter Mclarnan
Creative Direction: Nathalia Resende
Art Direction: Holly Younce
Copywriter: Joanna Stubbins
Skippy Smoothly Satisfying
Multiple Owners
Dani Barros