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Fire Bulls Attack

Adidas Taiwan cooperates with Roger Huang, who is a famous basketball artist in Taiwan, to welcome Derrick Rose return to NBA and to wish him a great performance in season 2013-2014.

In Chinese ancient story, “Tien Deng fire bulls array”is a very famous war strategy two thousand years ago. Tien Deng was a general in “Chi Dynasty”, he tied sharp knives and grass on fire on more than thousand ox horns to attack enemy. Tien Deng became famous because of this legend war.

The concept of this art comes from “Fire Bulls Array” in China. Competitors doubt and underestimate about Rose’s return; competitors even attack Rose everywhere and try to destroy him. Meanwhile, Derrick Rose wears Chinese armor and new Rose IV, leading four other fire bulls to fight enemies anytime and anywhere.

Adidas Taiwan
2013 D Rose summer Asia tour in China
He was really happy to receive this present.
Got his signature on my work the other one I bring back.