Mediso - Portal and brand redesign

Portal and brand redesign for Mediso

Imaging for Science and Life

The Client

Mediso Medical Imaging Systems with headquarters in Budapest is a dynamic supplier of Nuclear Medicine and modern Hybrid Imaging techniques to the health care and medical research institutions of the world. The company was founded in 1990 by experts of the largest research and manufacturing company of the region which has been engaged of nuclear equipment manufacturing since 1960.

The challenge

In one sentence: bringing Mediso's digital presence to the 21st century. Their portal was not ready for mobile users, nor for international visitors. Overall the website stuck in the last decade, not reflecting their actual market position on brand values of Mediso. Mediso is a well known brand in medical imaging hardware and software production. Our job was to upgrade their visuals and communications while keeping sticking to the fundamentals and distinguishing them from their competitors.

Our solution

Logo refinement and the brand's visual redirection, introduction of a custom font family type, new colors and gradients, and a new slogan. We restructured the website preparing it for global audiences and created a new framework on how to produce online and offline marketing materials.


Medical imaging hardware and MRI machines are not something that people buy everyday. These devices are here for the long run. We had to make sure that any changes made in their brand overall would not mismatch nor harm their current brand. Small steps at a time.

Logo redesign

The logo was barely touched. We fixed the kerning of the wordmark, and polished some details in the letters. We redraw and restructured the symbol so it's legible on any scales. We also applied the newly defined colors to the logo.

Raleway Mediso

Raleway Mediso is based on Raleway, a geometric grotesque type-family originally designed by Matt McInerney digitally in a narrow weight and later completed by Pablo Impallari and Rodrigo Fuenzalida in 2013. It's a characteristic and legible open source typeface. We introduced this typeface to Mediso with some small tweaks and modifications.

UX design

For years the products' selling was relied on tech-heavy customers. As the time went by the company made a decision to address both distributors and medical consumers. To achieve this goal a new and flexible product page with diverse content for all the users was a key criteria. With a new handy product page menu users could find their way, no matter which type of customer they are. It's easy to find the lightweight product selling points (Distributor), the applications (Medical customers) and the heavyweight specifics (Power users).

UI design

Our aim was to create a visual language that strongly reflects to the industry. We came up with the gradient curves and waves evoking the digital imaging processes. We positioned the website to be professional yet minimalistic, since we wanted to cut all the fluff and focus on the technology instead. Also we structured and designed the descriptive product end pages in a manner that would be easy to understand for the average visitor, and appeal to industry professionals as well.

Kudos from Mediso

In our website development project, we received a newly built up company website in structure, content and design. Our key visuals and Mediso brand elements including company logo, color scheme and typography have also been modernized. Thanks to the professional contribution and creative ideas of Melkweg team to achieve this successfully! Looking forward to further projects.

Gabriella Barotai - Marketing Manager


Art Director — Zoltán Beke 
Lead designer — Viktor Suszter 
UX research & design — Ákos Kovács, Beatrix Bodó 
Designer — Beatrix Bodó 
Development — Andreas Georgopulos, Péter Incze, Péter Pataki, Gábor Stefán 
Project Management — László Schelhammer

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Mediso - Portal and brand redesign