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Kit Kat — THiNS
3D Motion
Kit Kat — THiNS

Creamy, crispy, thin. Three words to joyfully highlight the new Kit Kat bars tasting
as good as ever but slimmed down to deserve the moniker THiNS.

We finished up 2020 with a fresh new campaign for Kit Kat in collaboration
with our French reps Passion Paris and the NYC-based agency Droga5.
This charming TV commercial was created for the launch of the new Kit Kat bars
on the international market. They are called THiNS and the name says it all.


Creamy, crispy, thin. We started off by exploring possible ways to build strong visual
story-telling that could highlight the three main features of the new bars to the fullest.

The commercial was released on the 85th anniversary
of the classic Kit Kat jingle which was reworked for this occasion.


“Hey, look at this…”

Here’s an extensive shot selection showcasing the visual research phase from which
the final TVC was eventually shaped. We had a lot of fun breaking the CGI wafer, making countless crumbles explode, crashing the chocolate shells, and pouring liquid chocolate
of different densities and behaviors.

We also played around with typography, layouts, and animations that accentuate
the vibrant and cheerful mood of the jingle.

“You can see why we call’em Kit Kat THiNS”

The wafer model changed significantly from the early stages to the very final version
of the break shot. In fact, during the production process, we considered several approaches: from 3D laser scanning to photogrammetry, but also optioning procedural modeling and traditional digital sculpting.


Direction: Ditroit
Creative Director: Salvatore Giunta
Design & Development: Claudio Gasparollo, Christian Cabiddu,
Mantas Bardauskas, Matteo Nicoli, Enrico Albanese,
Michael Marczewski
, Andre Caputo, Martin Vokaty
Producer: Noemi Bugli

Agent: Passion Paris
Executive Producer: Marion Vermogen, Marc Bodin-Joyeux
Line Producer: Antoine Daubert
Production Assistant: Rita Oliveira

Agency: Droga5

Client: KitKat​​​​​​​

Audio TVC: Butter
Audio Process: Rejjjie Snow — Purple Tuesday​​​​​​​

Kit Kat — THiNS

Kit Kat — THiNS