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    Simply design a piece of furniture that I had cherished for a long time! :D

"Phản" formed in concept design "the fundamental freedoms"!
Why we need a table full of energy and highly specialized?
While around us has so many designs and so on!
This design does not bind user tables in any "performance" specific!
"Phản" means "plane" also by that philosophy.
"Phản", simple, is not pompous, not fancy!
You want to write on the plane, ticket on the plane, eating on the plane, and maybe the plane-Chat (Vietnamese culture) ,You agree that piercings! I do not need a desk drawer so many capabilities,
I just need a "Phản" is large enough to comfortably furnished and what I like!
This is an open-source for everyone!
And the tree was it? My friends, we
sitting in the house for too long, too much!
Enjoy nature go offline!
Or at least, bring nature to your side