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    Professionnal work examples on Mars War logs (2012)
Mars War logs is a RPG video game I have worked on from july 2012 until march 2013, as a cinematic artist and additionnal concept art. If I had to concentrate on the cut-scenes of the game and the concept art for a new project ( Bound By Flame, released next year !), here are a few examples of concept art I've done for Spiders Games, in collaboration with the Lead Concept Artist Camille Bachmann (go check his art !)

Mars has a dark, rusty, and red-sandy story, where two Companies are fighting for the control of water on the red planet. The hero, Roy, is a renegade, badass, escaping from a prison camp in the deserts of Mars.
All those designs were done for Spiders Games and Focus Home Intertainement.
The Excaving Worm
Crafting Weapons & Armors
Mars War logs has a very intresting system of craft : the player finds pieces of junk and customises his weapons and outfit. The different parts can be used together or separatly.
It's a real fun to design those kind of props, in collabioration with the Game Designer.
High Guards
Paintovers for Cinematics