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Spicy Sketcher - a FREE single-line font!

I know that single-line fonts are new for a lot of folks, and freebies are the best way to dip your toe into something new. So I’ve made a single-line version of my free Spicy Sugar font. Introducing Spicy Sketcher!

This freebie has the same quality and content you’d find in my paid fonts! That means hand-drawn characters with reduced nodes, so everything cuts and writes sharp and clean. Plus the font includes a ton of extended Latin characters for language support, a number of alternates, and 37 multi-letter ligatures to keep a hand-written look even if the same letter shows up twice in a row!

Your Spicy Sketcher download includes:
– Spicy Sketcher 1 (single-line, used in CNC/specialty programs)
– Spicy Sketcher 2 (hairline, used in most design programs and cutting machine programs)
– Over 330 extended Latin characters for language support!
– Over 45 alternate versions of heavily-used letters!
– 37 multi-letter ligatures for a hand-written look!
– And of course, everything is PUA-encoded for easy access in any program.

Your Spicy Sketcher download includes my regular one-user desktop license. It allows most standard commercial uses, including unlimited use in digital designs, broadcasting, book covers, branding, and more! See the included PDF for all licensing details.
I hope you enjoy this freebie, available exclusively from MissyMeyer.com!

Note: Single-line and hairline fonts aren’t your ordinary fonts; they can’t be used for word processing, printing, or cutting. They’re meant for a sketch pen, foil quill, engraving tool, infusible ink pen, Glowforge scoring, or any other stylus or nib that draws letters with a single line instead of an outline. This font comes in both a single-line version and a hairline version; different software programs will use different formats. Due to known issues with Brother Canvas Workspace, I cannot guarantee that any single-line fonts will work in that program.

Not sure which format you need? Be sure to check out the PDF guide to single-line fonts included in the download to help with which font to select, and how to use the font in specific programs!
Spicy Sketcher - a FREE single-line font!

Spicy Sketcher - a FREE single-line font!

Spicy Sketcher is a FREE single-line and hairline font for sketching, scoring, engraving, embossing, foil quill, and more!


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