Alzheimer's Australia Rebrand
By 2030, Alzheimer’s could kill more Australians than any other disease. And, currently, there is no cure.
To help increase awareness and the level of funding afforded to Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia, we had to create a brand that could cut through the clutter of the charity landscape. A brand with a fighting spirit at its heart. A brand designed to create a movement.
The identity is bold, simple, clear, and, deliberately, very easy to manage. Using just two colours and, often, only four words. It features a flexible logo that changes and evolves to communicate different messages. From fighting to funding, to research and education - whatever the topic, we have a logo to carry that message.
Our team at Interbrand headed down to Canberra to march on Parliament House as part of a high impact brand launch. They were joined by the Alzheimer’s Australia team, Ita Buttrose, and hundreds of passionate supporters.
The march was a success with huge press and impact. As a result, Dementia was added as a National Health Priority in Australia, and it is now alongside with cancer and heart diseases.It's extremely rewarding to know that our Alzheimer's Australia work played a part on that.
Work done with the team at Interbrand Sydney
Creative Directors: Mike Rigby & Chris Maclean
Design Director: Christopher Doyle
Designers: Joao Peres & Jefton Sungkar
Motion: Mike Tosetto & Joao Peres