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Prăjeli în Bucătărie - Lidl
The show where the guests are more fried than the food​​​​​​​
What kind of branded cooking show can you make in a platform filled with cooking shows? You make a cooking show where it’s not about the cooking but more about the show.
This is not your usual show where you’re learning how to fry some chicken.
In Romanian, “fried” can also describe a type of unconventional humor or an eccentric attitude.
Although this meaning isn’t included in the official dictionary, it’s used colloquially to describe certain actions from people who appear to be high, even when they aren’t.
We’ve created a cooking show that appears to be made by someone who seems completely “fried”.
All while promoting Lidl products.

We invite a well-known guest (preferably pre-fried), we put them through internet challenges inspired by something they’re known for, we make cooking as hard as possible, and we end it with an unexpected artistic moment that nobody saw coming: in the 1st episode we had a trapper covering a cheesy pop ballad from the ‘70s.
We wrap it all up by engaging the fans, like writing a love poem about an industrial small town (Ploiesti) in the comments, for the chance to win props from the episode, merchandise from the guest & Lidl products.
And because we want people to also enjoy the recipes, we made them easy-to-follow in a top-view format, cutting all the uninteresting parts while also inserting a little bit of mood from the show.

The show must go on!​​​​​​
In the second episode of the series, Sorin Pârcălab, a famous stand-up comedian and Transylvanian native, has to cook a reinterpreted Transylvanian dish alongside Chef Florin Dumitrescu, while doing all sorts of crazy challenges: talking with plums in his mouth or inhaling helium while cooking. 

The episode ends with a Transylvanian folklore song written by Sorin himself about his experience in the show.

KUBIS team
Carina Toma & Alexandra Horvath - Group Creative Director
Alin Marghidanu – Creative Director
Paul Crăciunescu – Copywriter
Laura Fluture – Art Director
Alina Răduț – Senior Art Director
Cristina Schițco – Group Account Director
Florina Simon – Account Manager
Ștefania Bercu – Strategic Planner
Marian Ciungu – Photo & Editor
Prăjeli în Bucătărie - Lidl

Prăjeli în Bucătărie - Lidl