Whimsical promo posters for Moscow-based art school filled with the Hogwarts-inspirated mythology, which blends into pure surrealism. 

The series of promo posters are punctuated by connections to the fine art of the past. Truth be told, we felt incredibly witty making those visual links and turning the romantic hero of Fragonard's peice “The Swing” into a narcissistic chap doing a selfie.

#shukadesign                   2013–2015                   featured → itsnicethat, 2015

At some point we realised we had to think of the recurring character to link our posters together even more tightly. What at first was the 15 minutes of fame for our very own Andy Warhol on just one poster later became a “Where’s Wally” style story. Find ’em all!

Even though Quentin Tarantino replaced Andy on this one, there’s still a bit of Campbell’s lover left (hint: Quentin’s shadow doesn’t look like Quentin's one, right?). We also paid our tribute to Jo Nesbø’s “Snomannen” (“Snowman”) here. Literally

This poster is a clear homage to David Hockney’s “A Bigger Splash”. Since it’s considered that the main attraction of the original painting is the mystery jumper we decided to list all the suspects: a mermaid, a curvy girl with flippers, a perescope dude and once again Andy Warhol among others

creative direction → Ivan Velichko
design and illustration → Ivan VelichkoDasha Zudina

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