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    A project I did to try out a new style and to get the hang of Photoshop.
Just a small project I started for a bit of fun to try some new things out as I'm still getting the hang of Photoshop.
I wanted to try and use 1st Gen pokemon only and I have a thing for pokemon that are kind of neglected, however I also tried to pick pokemon Team Rocket would use so I'm sure if they're forgotten pokemon as such but hey ho!
I actually enjoyed making the Team Rocket logo. It couldn't get any simpler yet it's really effective and looks quite strong.
So the 1st Pokemon I decided to do was Electrode as it's just a ball, two colours and has simple details, I added the smoke effect by accident at first an though it looked pretty cool. This led me to go with the idea of Pokemon fighting in the Rocket hideout and destroying stuff.
Dugtrio was the next one I chose, again because he has a simple design. This piece is quite different to the 1st because throught out I was trying different brushes and sizes etc to see what I liked best.
Magnemite being the last one for this project is almost a completely different style. Whilst the 1st two Pokemon where created with Ken Sugimori's style in mind, this one was mostly done by memory so it lacks the charm the others have.
Thank you for looking!
I enjoyed working on these as a way to try and learn a new style so if you have any tips to help me progress your words would be most welcome!