Custom Invitations and Announcements
Client: Tiffany Vanreyendam
Project: Custom Designed Baby Shower Invites
Software: Adobe InDesign & Illustrator
Objective: Working directly with the client, I designed custom baby shower invitations using the colors and theme of the babies nursery. The diaper holding the invitation was a custom die-cut and can actually be untied and unfolded.
Client: Brian & Andrea Sarrach
Project: Wedding Invitation
Software: Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
Objective: Working directly with the clien, I designed the invitation to follow the bride and grooms Harley Davison wedding theme. Using their purple acent color and a chrome effect to the headers, it gave the invite a fun, biker feel. The choice of a pearl uv coated paper and incorporating the brides flower choice kept the invitations elegant.
Client: Barbara Sarrach
Project: Custom Design Surprise Party Invitations
Software: Adobe Photoshop & InDesign
Objective: While communciation with the client was the most imporant key to this project, the time line collage from 1930 to 2011 is the focal point in this piece. Photo-retouching over 120 images and strategically placing them in their place in time, this inviation tells a beautful, visual story of a special mans life. The closing statement invites the reader to share yet another milestone birthday whith him and his closest friends and family.
Client: Cass & Sheri Czerwinski
Project: Wedding & Shower Invitations, Save the Date Announcement and Wine Bottle Lables.
Software: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop
Objective: This bride picked the trendy damask pattern and pink as her accent color for her wedding. When designing her: save the dates, wine labels, and shower invites; I made the decision to leave the damask pattern out and focus in on just her colors. I didn't want to play out the pattern visually. Then for her wedding invites we incorporated the damask pattern, adding only a subtle sheer pink ribon and pink copy headers throughout the print. This bride had numerous travel locations and information, so we had to print that on a seperate page. Instead of just an ordinary folded paper, I decided to fold the double sided printed directions into an oragami heart.
Custom Invitations and Announcements