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Wallet Investor – Tomorrow's Prices Today
Wallet Investor - Tomorrow's Prices Today


The Client

Wallet Investor helps stock and other commodity traders reach the maximum impact on their transfers. They provide advanced AI market prediction services for their community. Our collaboration started mid 2020.
The challange

When Wallet Investor was built it was iterated on the go. As of mid 2020, their reach was already in the skies, but they lacked the comprehensive brand appearance and their product looked way too sophisticated for everyday users.

Our solution

An all in one brand-system for typography, layouts, iconography, illustration and tone of voice. All initial changes were tightly reviewed by Wallet Investor's own product team and management so the layout and SEO related requirements were double checked on the production.
Understanding & Analysis

User Experience enhancements
Lots of data

Wallet Investor is a different breed of clients. They actually had and provided all the metrics, analytics and data we needed to start iterating on the user journeys, we didn't need to create any surveys or initial research.

Share the knowledge

The massive amount of prediction data displayed on Wallet Investor is worthy to be shared elsewhere. We introduced a new share and embed function to their infographics and charts.
Advanced search solutions

Great amount of data comes with great responsibility. Navigation was an overall mess. We restructured how the search engine on the website works and suggests topics, pages and content.
Visuals & Interface design


Playful headlines and neutral texts

Numbers and big chunks of texts can easily go boring and Wallet Investor is all about numbers and big chunks of texts... We wanted to break the visuals with a friendly, playful yet bona fide typographical solution. This is how we found Noah by FontFabric. We used it as the headline and brand typeface for Wallet Investor. It's legible, yet has its quirky characteristics.

Going up and up

We created a wordmark, and a monogram emblem with a unique curve chopped out of the letter I. We wanted something that reflects on market trends while staying playful and friendly. We modified the letter curves as well for better readability.

Stock image hacks

Everyone knows these situational stock photos from the internet... We created an editorial style that is easy to replicate with stock photos, yet put it in a context that fixes them with an ironic tone.

UI fundamentals

We built the UI system with an atomic approach. Every single element has been refined or redesigned that you see from the smallest clickables and input elements to the ad-boxes that are displayed. Our main focus was on balancing the visual hierarchy regarding functions and data.

Variations of navbar

The new face of infographics

Wallet Investor operates with 10k+ infographics on their website. We introduced a new chart styling system to ensure the coherent appearance on all the pages.

Kudos from Wallet Investor

They showed us we're a serious brand
Melkweg got us with their first pitch... We didn't expect such enthusiasm towards our product on the first place. We enjoyed our redesign process on both sides I guess. Every meeting left some new ideas and enhancements to be discovered later. Our infographics turned out just spectacular. Amazing designers there. 

Attila Rácz-Akácosi, CEO @WalletInvestor

Lead designer — Dániel Pucz 
UX research and design — Ákos Kovács 
Illustrations, Graphic design — Áron Bodnár 
Development — Suszták Gábor, Baksa Gáspár, Benjámin Bank 
Project management — Benjámin Paizs

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Wallet Investor – Tomorrow's Prices Today