Brave, bold and genuine
Backed by our own values and beliefs, we at SNASK argue that the world needs more empathy for each other. One result of greater empathy, will be a greater understanding of other people’s situations and thus a call to action for equality when it comes to race, gender, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation and age. That’s true beauty. To visually represent this, we teamed up with the great bag company LOQI and created a collection of items where some will show a bold pattern of tigers, snakes and beers, the classic trinity of a rebel, and others will be genuinely transparent with a “secret” statement showing the vibe of a true misfit genius.
"We believe in fine lookin’
design and real emotions"
"The true antithesis of empathy is not
hate, it is ignorance"
Your future romance
SNASK is your future romance. A creative agency of misfit geniuses conquering the world
through fine lookin' design and real emotions. We seek to challenge conservative frameworks and we do it with our backs straight, supported by our unbreakable values. We don't cower away from the challenge, as we see that the magic lies within the unexplored. In order to be great - you have to be brave and bold. In order to be real -  you have to stand up for your opinions and beliefs. And that is SNASK - brave, bold and genuine. We excel at branding, design and film and refuse to do anything else than what we see as world class. We are doctors of disturbance, wizards of disruption and spokesmen of disobedience. We take on the responsibility to stay engaged, give a damn, and strive for empathy. There is a short word for this assumption of responsibility: SNASK.