Vestre Inspiration Book 2021

Vestre is Scandinavias leading manufacturer of urban furniture, with landscape architects as their main target group. The products are designed by the best designeres in Scandinavia, and are characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

​​​​​​​This years concept is "Creating caring meeting places". We documented over 50 meeting places in 27 different cities in Europe and the USA where Vestre products play an important role in the urban environment.

One of the projects they have paid a little extra attention to is the Piazze Aperte in Milan, Italy. A heavily trafficked road junction was transformed into an attractive and car-free meeting place for the district’s residents. For a couple of days we documented the use of the space and saw that at most there were over 100 people using the square.

The book has 288 pages, printed in 5 different languages; Norwegian, Swedish, German, English and American. Vestre´s entire portfolio is presented with product and inspirational environmental photos supported by technical drawings and price list. 

The front page of the catalog reflects how many people stayed at the square at 10.26 on 26th of 
October 2020. The 16 dots move from language to language on the 5 different front covers.

Vestre’s key goals, their emphasis on environment and code of conduct plays an important role in the book. Long term sustainability is a prerequisite in all parts of their operations, including a commitment to nine of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The book is made of high-quality and sustainable paper from Nordic forestry, with EU Ecolabel, FSC® and PEFC™ certifications. The book is printed locally in Scandinavia.

Photo: Matteo Gastel, Nicolas Tourrenc & Calle Huth

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