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The Client

Freezle makes fresh gelato on the spot, so they can provide their customers with the highest quality products recognized by discriminating foodies everywhere. Freezle proudly uses locally grown produce for the freshest taste.

The Objective

Reflecting on the behavior of people who like to eat sweet things, Frazzle wants to carry its brand further in everyone's heart to become frozen sweet food whose ingredients are locally produced to present a special taste.

By rebranding a new and fresh look, changing the brand identity and logo for Freezle, it is hoped that it will become one of the dessert shops that is always on everyone's mind.

The Solution

We made an iconic sign to symbolize that this frozen sweet food is locally produced.​​​​​​​ This is a sign for premium and locally grown ingredients and the signature flavor is aimed at this brand.

In addition, we also do strategy visuals that reflect the persona of people in general when eating sweet foods. We want to bring that smile to Freezle by creating beautiful, bright colors remembering that every scoop of ice cream is a joy.
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Multiple Owners
Mizui Leo