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Urban is a family-owned construction company that creates future-proof projects for its clients. The construction industry is huge, but it comes with its disadvantages. Many companies lack transparency and honesty to their clients, and others make big promises that they can never keep. 

Urban understands that it is all about trust, hard work, and keeping your word. Many of their clients are people who intrust their life-savings to Urban to build their house or a profitable project, and cannot afford to be deceived. As a family-owned business Urban understands what these people want and need from a construction partner and works hard to be honest in every step of the way. For the brand, we created a very urban feel to it while still keeping the human element of family intertwined within it. 

Overall, we created a strong, trustworthy brand, as are the people who run it.
The Mark

The mark is constructed by creating a building effect with the letter 'U'. It also represents a 3 level building, one level for each of the siblings of this family company. The 3D symbol represents the rising of houses and buildings and also of a great and honest company that stands out from the rest. 
The Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a feature in construction that is mostly overlooked but is a most important part of any project. We created a modular pattern inspired by scaffolding keeping the 3D details that run through the brand.  This pattern can be used on any application and will immediately make the viewer think or Urban without even seeing the logo. 
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