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While our first priority will always be our client, between projects we were able to produce a short animation that gives a true glimpse of how we work our magic at Animazzio. While it is never easy to talk about yourself, this idea had been brewing for two years, and we are proud that it has finally come to fruition!

what is this video about?
This video starts with some abstraction but the main idea is to show our true step-by-step process of video production. By using the jungle as a backdrop, we could abstractly represent our market as a jungle where teams are fighting to survive, while looking for and implementing new tasks and work.


project manager
The video opens with the first frame giving us a glimpse of the manager in his native habitat. He is in on the hunt for an order in the vast Internet jungle. As he looks up, he sees a few vines. These vines represent potential projects. However, when the manager tries to grab onto one of the vines - nothing happens, so he pulls another – and again, nothing happens. (In order to not be redundant, we had to reduce this scene to only one vine).
Regardless, the third vine brought success! The manager finds himself in his office with a letter containing a task (the paper plane). The manager looks at the task at hand before quickly assigning and generating tasks for his team. When he is done, the task flies off to the scriptwriter.

The scriptwriter writes the script based on the client’s requirements. She tries out multiple options, double-checks her work, and ensures the best solution for the task at hand before sending it off to the illustrator.

When the script floats into the illustrator’s hands, she uses a storyboard to build out a shared vision;

and if it looks good, it’ll later be used for full-color illustrations that are primed and ready to be animated.
Color really is amazing.

Finally, we see our animator ready to get started on the concept that’s been built out by his team. In this frame, he appears at the door, eager to do his part in building magnificence.

The animator takes frames and drops them into the After Effects interface. The illustrations come to life and the task soars off to its next stop.

sound designer
The polished video file lands right in the hands of the sound designer and then finally, the video acquires sound (voice-overs, music, sound effects), giving it the final ingredient that stirs emotion and piques intrigue.

project handover
The closing scene shows the original plane, carrying all of this collective work back to the client. While the plane is small and the final product may not seem complex, the art streaming behind it is a visual reminder of all the hands that worked on the final product and the creativity that powered the idea.

motion design agency:

producer: Eugene Kukharsky
artist: Anna Maximenko
motion designer: Olga Matiash
2nd animator: Eugene Diordiev
scriptwriter: Tetyana Kolesnichenko
sound designer: Stanislav Kolesnikov

Multiple Owners
Eugene Kukharsky


This video starts with some abstraction but the main idea is to show our true step-by-step process of video production. By using the jungle as a Read More