Launched to be the fashion voice speaking up for all those hearts yearning for the delicate scent of natural and freedom plants and flowers, the inspiring gradient hues of infinite skyline, the warming hug of morning sunlight and the gentle touch of warming tropical Vietnam breeze, where Gaieté came from.


Gaieté dedicates itself to the maximal-floral details, high quality produced garments and meticulous stitching work to comfort natural lovers. Focusing mainly on e-commerce experiences to provide special caring, we took delivery package into account and developed into a wonderful mystery box with fine material details while market is crowded with brown carton boxes and tapes.​​​​​​​

Through this way, unboxing relationship becomes performative and memorable. Added to develop story, brand's logotype is a typographical customised script appropriately reflecting sophisticated yet elegant products and services and inspiring by the founder's freedom spirit.

Copywriting & Typeface

The copywriting component and Wulkan Display express proposition and the philosophies of the brand across printed collaterals like business cards, flyers, packaging and digital mediums such as website and social media channels. Together, it paints detailed memorial fragments of playfulness, enthusiasm and individuality across all brand mediums.

Visualisation / Illustration

Unlocking the package, we developed a series of escutcheons opening to wonderful natural worlds continuously changing comprehending with floral illustration theme. This added another visual element towards a variety of shapes and canvas into brand system.

Art Direction

Suited Gaieté ideally, spontaneity and feminism play central theme for its brand story. To celebrate this, we worked with Hậu Lê to create a unique aesthetic of its images, materials rather than perfectly standing still shooting. Models can freely move to show curves, details and expressions for completing inconsistent and irregular moodboard.



Design firm M — N Associates
Creative Director Duy — N
Art Director Anh Nguyễn​​​​​​​
Web Designer Anh Nguyễn​​​​​​​
Producer Phúc Trần​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Project Manager M — Lan

Portfolio Photography Marc Maki
Fashion Shooting Hậu Lê
Stylish & DI
Videography Lam Uy Huynh

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